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How a Medical Massage Therapy in Bellevue, WA is Good for your Painful Back?

It is believed that a massage therapy is found to be more relaxing than spending a “me-time” with your family or friends. Several studies have revealed that a massage therapy is good for your physical and mental well-being. It is also found that there are certain types of medical massage therapy that ensure physical relaxation.


Do you have a back problem because of working for long hours on your workstation? Then it will be wise to consider a medical massage therapy to feel relaxed and enjoy the healing effect. You need to rely on a professional massage therapist or a reputable spa in Lake Bellevue, WA that has the license to offer an effective medical massage therapy. From a survey, it is found that people who are undergoing a medical massage therapy from a reliable source have experienced great relief from a muscle strain in the back or neck due to a busy working schedule or hectic lifestyle.

These days, the massage therapy is widely accepted because of its numerous benefits like improving immunity level, reduces stress/ anxiety and depression, ensures mental wellness, provides effective pain management and assures physical fitness.


Research has revealed that a medical massage therapy can help in giving relief to a person who suffers from a back pain. Let us explore some useful points that explain the right effects!

1. Increases Blood Flow and Circulation:

A medical massage therapy will help in increasing the blood flow and circulation throughout the body, which brings the needed nutrients to the muscles and tissues. This acts as an aid and helps in the recovery of muscle soreness caused by a soft tissue injury or physical activity.

2. Decreases the Tension built in the Muscles:

Are you experiencing the pain caused due to tight muscles? A medical massage therapy will help in decreasing the muscle tension that reduces pain and improves flexibility.

3. Improves Endorphin Levels:

An increase in the endorphin levels (due to an effective massage therapy) act as a mood enhancer and eases out the anxiety and depression, which reduces the pain and speeds up recovery.

Note: It is always advised to the patients who suffer from a severe back pain to consult a good physician or medical professional before opting for a medical massage therapy.


A medical massage will leave you relaxed by improving the muscle tone and increasing flexibility, which also proves to be good in alleviating severe depression. Many medical professionals in Lake Bellevue, WA advise patients to undergo a medical massage therapy, which helps in relieving stress levels, enhancing the muscle performance and strengthens the immunity.

As one of the best massage and spa treatments, All Star Massage and Spa offers effective medical massage therapy in Lake Bellevue, WA. We are proud to be rated as one of the most reputable massage and spa treatment providers in Lake Bellevue. Our medical massage therapy focuses on physical healing and rehabilitation of the body, which ensures an overall well-being.Contact us today at 425.452.1772 to schedule your appointment or know more our massage therapies!


Top 5 Benefits of Massage therapy In Bellevue WA

The perfect way to feel relaxed in our day to day life is through massage therapy. Therapeutic massage therapy has been used for long to treat a wide number of ailments. The best massage therapy offering a number of health benefits is medical massage in Bellevue WA. It has been proven that people who use this therapy session experience minimal stress levels. Here are a few benefits you’ll get to enjoy through medical massage therapy session:

1. Relief From Stress –

Medical massage is an ideal alternative when you’re actually stressed up. A massage session will be able to minimize your heart rate, insulin level and also the cortisol level. After all, stress can build up in home and at work. So take some time to relax your tired nerves through a medical massage therapy to cool down and face new challenges proficiently.

2. Utmost Relaxation –

A life with full of stress seems like grinding the wheel. it’s highly suggested to take time off to calm down and relax yourself. With effective massage therapy, a lower heart rate and relaxed muscle can be obtained; which will in turn trigger the brain to be more productive. Keep in mind that, relaxed people are more productive at the end of the day!

3. Better Circulation –

There are so many diseases that are affected by a bad blood circulation. However, medical massage therapy can be able to open up pressure points and allow blood to flow perfectly. The congested areas will get relaxed ensuring minimal chances of blood clots. Moreover, the blood circulation can also enhance activity by maintaining perfect blood pressure level.


4. Relief From Pain

One of the great ways to get rid of muscle pain is by medical massage in Bellevue WA. The therapy will get to the root of the muscle pain and offer instant relief. Tired or stressed muscle can give rise to cramps and severe pain.


Medical massage therapy can provide you with a lot of number of benefits starting from rehabilitation of injuries to simply offering on eof the best recreational moments. Book an appointment for medical massage in Bellevue WA with All Star Massage And Spa and discover all the wonderful benefits of getting medical massage therapy.